CakePHP is an open source framework which is used to build many blogs and websites. It is not the single framework, available in the market. There are others too, which can perform the same function.

Benifits of CakePHP Development

But instead of bouncing to any other framework, the developers prefer to use CakePHP. In case you demanded a large scale website development, it is the first preference for all developers.

But what’s the reason behind this?

Read out the reasons; why CakePHP is preferred for large scale web deployment projects.

No Default Landuage: Most of the framework runs on a default language (English). Such framework sucks the developers, if he/she is not comfortable in working on that language. But this is not any problem with CakePHP Application Development. While using CakePHP, there is no default language. The language is selected by the developer.

Model View Controller Pattern: CakePHP follows the Model View Controller (MVC). The main advantage of MVC model is that it helps in saving and connective the queries to the database. In case you need any sort of changes within the database, this model will help you to insert, delete, alter or read the model. It also helps in offering real time progress of your project. Each time you view the model, it will refresh itself in accordance with all the changes done.

Highly Secure: Licensed under the MIT license, this framework is remarked as an excellent and authorized tool.  Apart from being a registered framework, it is allotted further security with the help of many built-in tools like CSRF protection, SQL injection prevention, XSS prevention and input validation.

Configuration Auto detected: With the feature of auto-detection, you don’t require to configure the framework in accordance to you. The location of each and every library, the URL you use is automatically detected by the CakePHP framework. Except Database connection settings, there is nothing you need to take care of.

Forget Un-necessary coding: Creating any application becomes hectic if you need to write each and every letter of the code by yourself (regardless of its necessity). This is one of the hurdles in many PHP frameworks. But in CakePHP, you don’t need to bother about such problem. It benefits the developer in saving his/her time and developing the application in shorter time duration. There are many plug-ins helpers and components which can be used without writing the source code for them.

Object Relational Mapping Facility:  In CakePHP, every table is represented form a class. So, you can easily define the relation between different tables. Once you properly define the relation definitions, you can use it with the main record. With this, you will not require to write any SQL in many of the projects.

Create your own Test Cases: Testing any functionality ensures the proper working of the application. The test cases are highly required while creating a large application containing various parts that needs testing. This framework provides you to create tests which can be used to cross check the doubtful points. Core tests as well as custom tests are available in CakePHP.

Whether you are a developer or an organization, if you are working on a big project, CakePHP framework will be highly beneficial for you.

You are using CakePHP for which of your project? Share your comments below.