CakePHP Development Services

Brief introduction about common attributes of CakePHP

PHP programming language is the need of today and its popularity is growing at a rapid pace. It has attained great heights in the period of two years and still continues to. In fact, it has become the most popular programming language among all the Web applications. There are a number of websites powered by PHP programming code and then there are a vast number of web projects and scripts depending on this renowned language for their development.

CakePHP Development Services

There are several advanced versions of PHP and one among them is Cake PHP that serves an open source framework for web application development. It works as a good tool for a Website Development Company and is well-featured.

What you need to know about CakePHP?

CakePHP is a framework that’s a part of PHP development and its initial version was written by a Polish coder named Michal Tatarynowicz, who developed a minimal version of the platform in PHP and dubbed it as Cake. Shortly the framework was published under a statement MIT License and made available to the public coders’ community for their contribution to the project. Later on in 2005, G.J Woodworth and L. Masters laid the foundation stone of the Cake Software Foundation, which is since then involved in the improvement and CakePHP development.

Active participation of the group of developers associated with Cake Software Foundation has led to the evolvement of CakePHP over the years. Now with the recent release, the user has been introduced to new features as well as the need for coding has been reduced, making web application development quite rapid.

Here we are presenting some of the features of CakePHP:

CakePHP enjoys a good amount of users owing to its features that are easy to implement. This is the framework that is most preferred by the programmers when they have to develop web apps using PHP model. The ruby on rails modeling and MVC approach make the functioning easy to handle for those who are not much familiar with the PHP. However, while starting one must get to know the system quite well as using the platform is certainly not a cakewalk.

Swift Development: With the use of scaffolding and code generation techniques in this framework, the developers build swiftly and there is a lesser need of writing long codes with the help of user-friendly features.

License: Most Web Development Companies opt for CakePHP owing to the standard MIT License which is beneficial for commercial use.

It offers security: This platform offers SQL injection security, form tampering, CSRF Protection, XSS prevention and input validation tools, which provide security and save the developers from spending extra hours on app security.

No need of configuration: There is no need of complex YAML or XML files in order to access the database. All needed is to build a database and directly use the app.

MVC Conventions: The developers get the guidance from the MVC conventions which are added to the framework and assist them in several ways so that they don’t end up making mistakes. Besides, it’s useful for large apps where too much data is found.