Comparison between CakePHP and WordPress as a blogging Platform

WordPress or CakePHP? This is certainly the most asked question in the blogging fraternity and developers sometimes get paranoid answering to people as there is no one logic associated to it. Well, when you have a need you go for a solution and satisfy your need answering to that particular problem and consuming a certain facility. But in case of Blog development, you have a lot of things that come into consideration and there is no one platform that covers all of it.


If we talk about CakePHP and WordPress in particular, there is a lot of it covered by both if we see them separately but all that comes with some associated limitations. Technically both are rich at what they do but have seen their own times and travelled their own path covering solutions that work in respect with user needs and this has caused the difference of good and bad to both of them in the due course.

How WordPress is better

If we talk about WordPress, it is suitable for you even if you are not a typical DIY guy. If you can do things on your own CakePHP is of great use for you but without that CakePHP web development can get bit of a task for you as it is not as comprehensive as WordPress is in its operations and applications. This also makes it a bit cheaper to develop your application on WordPress.

Next important thing is that WordPress allows you a lot of free themes to go along with your new blog, which really is a great means to go half way without worrying about the initial goof-ups. With this, you just don’t have to wait for your blog to be live for more than a few minutes from here.

How CakePHP is better

You would find it easy to work with CakePHP if you like to work with clean surface features and development options. CakePHP provides you a well-organized platform for global functions and variables further topped up with great range of security features.

Further, it becomes easy for you to tweak in between values as you get good suggestion and back-up facility with CakePHP. It is always easy to work on an integrated facility rather than a subdued clustered offering that WordPress allows for development.


However, there is no doubt that both of them are the most used blogging platforms but they have their own pros and cons and going for one over the other totally depends on the personal choice and specific project requirements. If you find any difficulty in making a decision between the two, you can always take the help from experts and Hire PHP developer or a Blog expert. Remember, it’s about keeping the decision right in the end and you will have the best by your side.