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Reasons why opting for CakePHP 3 is the right thing to do

CakePHP 3 has been around since over a year and so far there have been 34 releases. Most users are totally in love with this awesome framework that has continuously been updated with the new and improved features. This well documented framework was able to integrate and make newer versions of PHP compatible with the framework.

cake php update

Thus, CakePHP 3 is totally loved as the team presents a framework that integrates, invites outside assistance, accepts community help as well as puts itself out there for the community’s input. Here is what makes CakePHP 3 just awesome:

  • Every core feature development took place as pull requests and this proves to be useful in persuading people to get involved while the main core team is spread around the globe. In all, the community is essential to the framework and it’s next to impossible to sustain sans it.
  • Just to ensure that the audience gains knowledge of it there were more than 6000 commits prior to its launch from over 20 contributors.
  • CakePHP 3 documentation had around 1500 commits from 51 contributors. After all the document writing was crucial as during each feature or a break in backwards compatibility, the documentation was done.
  • CakePHP 3 targets PHP 5.5 and newer while the designing was done with composer support. It needs a few additional extensions (the mb_string and the intl extension). The two main reasons that multi-byte was handled internally were, if the mb_string extension wasn’t there, pure PHP code could be used, while for internationalization there were powerful tools built into the language that CakePHP 2 wasn’t capitalizing on. The team was keen on leveraging those tools to offer CakePHP community better tools.
  • The entire CakePHP code is Unicode aware and through the intl extension it’s easy to localize everything. Depending on your locale the core classes localize and everything will work right from your numbering, date formatting, language formatting (provided you have the translation file) etc.
  • Using the composer you ought to have separate repos for separate things. Thus the team came up with a new app skeleton. In all, this app directory is of old framework with a separate repo. It becomes easier to mold or customize.
  • It enables to release them freely in the future so the app is easily upgraded and add or remove dependencies sans the requirement to modify the framework.

Well, lately there have been significant changes in CakePHP and it has advanced a lot like there has been shift to the modal layer as well as there are Tables and Entity objects and a powerful Query class to build queries through a fluent interface. Validation was also refactored, improving flexibility and customization. CakePHP no longer receives flak for being insular and not efficiently using the present ecosystem. The installation too has become way easier. Hence having CakePHP 3 from a prominent CakePHP development company is a profitable deal in every way.