Web Application Development Challenges in 2015

Web application development is changing fast. Along with that, the performing resources and the aspect of portrayal around web development have influenced the lives of people in business and in general to a great extent.

web application development

The new web technologies keep coming and transform the way we operate and apply. Web development drives change in every manner possible and this change brings a great amount of opportunities along with many challenges that we have to meet in order to grab the potential and make the most out of it.

Just like we had to face the current year working on adapting to complicated web standards and learning an array of new open source technologies, we have some challenges to face again this year. In 2015, be ready to face these 5 challenges in web application development:

More hardware diversity

We have seen smart phones and tablets bombarding the market over the last few years. Expect the gadget types, display interfaces and screen sizes to increase this year. With innovative devices like Google Glass coming out and Apple Watch to launch shortly, we can expect a high impact on hardware assortment and configuration that is going to change the way web development takes place.

Increasing focus on security

While the web app usability and technology interface has gone better with time, security has struggled to keep good with this rise. According to a recent study, it has been found that more than 95% of web applications are threatened with at least one ‘severe vulnerability’. That’s going to be a sign of worry for developers in 2015 which they need to work upon to get right on track with security issues that are emerging at a considerable pace.

Greater emphasis on tools

It is not that the tools we use for development got complicated overnight. But the tools and environments we work with today are highly complex and you need to go through each detail and learn each mode precisely to use them with efficiency. In order to work optimally you need to thoroughly understand architectural approach, databases, web assortments and detailed references with which you need to work. Quite demanding is that!

More focus on user experience

One thing that you can’t do without today is the right user experience. The things kept changing slowly. Today we have most gadgets and displays being worked upon to serve balanced object module with the right interface to dish up best of user experience. Your fight with these requirements is only going to get harsher this time. Intuitive interfaces and sleek designs will continue to rule the ideas. Get prepared to take this year’s inputs and efforts to the next level.

Greater demand for APIs

People are getting more inclined towards SaaS based programs and you can expect a high rise in demand for CRM applications and related services – to be implemented by businesses in 2015. They might require their own reporting applications that run on cloud. This means you have to work considering the API requirements and this is going to be a web development challenge for you if you haven’t worked on such application yet.