7 PHP Frameworks To Help You Build Rapid Applications

Any great application doesn’t need to be built on something lavish or huge. In fact, the easiest and the smoothest things go in making the best of programs we would ever use. Here’s where you get to use the development frameworks that help your build web applications curtailing the time and effort required to create generic components and simply focusing on specific tasks and resources, and work on neatly arranged and compactly done codes.

PHP frameworks

Why do you need a framework over a core language? The main purpose is to have a facility where from you can guided through and helped by reusing generic components and modules that reduces your efforts and time and of course leverages the flow of work to help you build great applications without any hassles.

So this is it. This is basically, what a framework does. It helps you building on one unified structural foundation and offers a complete arrangement of supplies and gears that help you easily take off and develop high-quality, sustainable codes.

Here are the top frameworks that help you build amazing applications:

1. Laravel
The tagline of Laravel says, “PHP that doesn’t hurt, Code happy and enjoy the fresh air”. It’s truly is a place that would help you get access to the latest plans and effectively and effortlessly work with authentication, routing, caching and sessions quite easily. The well integrated testing support further helps you get the right piece of output in time.

2. CodeIgniter
CodeIgniter not just features a rich set of libraries for common tasks but also arranges for easy interface to communicate with different functional entities. It loads requests dynamically and uses MVC approach which helps it bring out a better perspective of programming logic and web presentation separately – invariably aiding in rapid application development.

3. CakePHP
CakePHP is certainly the fastest growing framework of them all. The credit goes to its simplicity and expert resources involved in developing core entity, offering compliant code structures to work with different web requirements – that are updated regularly to support latest functional requirements. CakePHP web application development has proved highly engaging and resourceful with top brands from the world looming around wearing great character and tone of web craft.

4. Symfony
You can look at it as a great rescuer. It has just everything you need as a web application framework and therefore is among the reliable most options around. The best part, with Symfony you have the freedom to use software components and rapidly integrate it with your application. Easy upgrades and maintenance options makes it a plus for users.

5. Zend Framework 2
Zend Framework 2 is best known for the engrossed modular facility it offers. The object oriented programming framework offers you with most advanced ways to work with independent libraries and take advantage from processed components without having to work with a complete framework as a whole, avoiding the project to swell unnecessarily.

6. Kohana
Known for its blazing speed, Kohana is a HMVC framework built on strict PHP 5 classes and objects. Among many attractions, Kohana is known for providing a host of feature-rich development components that include advanced functional tools for translation, accessing database, profiling code, encryption and validation of program.

7. Yii
This heavy-duty PHP framework has the ability to help you with never-before security options for Validation, Output filtering, SQL injection and Cross-site scripting prevention. As Yii powerfully supports caching and is suitably designed to work efficiently with AJAX, it becomes ever more useful as a rapid app development framework which has its own plans to work with evolved business requirements.