Things To Consider Before Choosing Website Development Framework

Today we are surrounded by many options whether it is about choosing between gadgets we use, food we eat or anything that we wear. We have a lot of reasons and most of them are personal and unique to us. We think about how it will solve the purpose it is meant for. We also go about thinking the consequences and impact it is going to have in future. We even think about how much it will cost and how responsive is the solution to overall consumption dynamics.

When it specifically comes to website development framework technology it becomes even tougher to consider the approach and plans and most importantly the criteria that help us make the right choice.

web development frameworks

In this case, the more we conform to the functional facet of it the better it is. Also, this is only possible if we scrutinize, factorize and interpret the whole chunk of offering by going through the most important points that mark the personality and efficiency of solution.

Here are the vital points to consider before choosing website development framework for your web development needs:


The very basic use of a framework is to do things easily and with less efforts, which is not possible with a core program. You need a framework when you need to deploy all your work, methods, or processes into CRUD operations. You need a template or catalogue of features to help you build your layout without falling for length of cluttered tasks. You want a CMS or a functional structure to automate and facilitate your tasks. So refer to the usage, prioritize your job and then select the framework based on your needs.


Software license has its own role to play here. You need to check the license under which the framework is made or distributed before you actually move ahead. This is important because it will decide how much cost you would bear in acquiring the rights and even what legal obligations you would have to serve. This will tell you what all privileges you have and you are allowed to do legally and permissibly with the solution.

Software Pattern

This is one thing that gives you the idea on how you would be able to reach the solution. Most of the frameworks allow you MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern and you have to make a choice among them looking at how many additional plug-ins you need to integrate in order to get through your development needs well. CakePHP website development is something that is referred the most in this aspect of solution.

Hosting Requirements

Now that’s something you need to really take care of. Right hosting solution protects your budget and your overall plan with the project. Only if you are building your website on cutting-edge technology and wanting to serve the user with features that are required to travel along high-frequency traffic and heavy resources, you need to have a dedicated web server. Otherwise, you can do with shared-hosting solution with limited support and setting features. CakePHP, Zend Framework, Kohana, Codeigniter are some of the frameworks that work well with the shared hosting.

Easy Installation

If it’s not easy to install, it’s not worth it for any solution. Before choosing your web development framework, you have to look at the set-up instances and look for the time it takes in configuration. If the installation is not supported by a proper guide and is not powered by a clear set-up component to help you go with it easily, you will find it difficult in any situation.

Core Library

The first thing any framework does is getting you rid of writing repetitive codes. This not just reduces time of development but also allows you to think more freely and creatively. The more optimized and feature-rich a core library is the more control you have over your project attributes. Check core library for features like AJAX, Authentication, Caching, Templating, URL Mapping, Authorization, Data Validation and you have a fair idea on what framework will suit you the best.


Documentation plays a crucial role in deciding the smoothness and efficacy of a web solution. The web development framework with features that support neat and comprehensive documentation is best to go with for large web projects and standardized set of tasks. Even when you are working on a small project, you need to have something that creates best reference material and guiding plane for development. This helps you utilize the information, transfer the knowledge, and reuse the material anytime later with great confidence.

Unit Testing

As a developer, you have to test individual program units to make sure that the codes are fit for use in every aspect. No matter what project you are working on, unit testing is important to measure the veracity and validity of codes. By testing smaller parts of codes, you are able to test critical elements of the solutions and aim for a better result in the end. With CakePHP website development, you get the ability to create custom tests for unit testing and this helps you go with the whole idea of quality assurance well.