A Comparison Between CakePHP, Yii and Symfony

There is this common perception about open source frameworks that all of them have a similar field of inspiration and they all orient to behave in the same manner. That’s doesn’t go with any given real life scenario and you have to draw some line somewhere to make the best fit work on the best result in a given situation.

To bring an end to this we are bringing you close to 3 of our most regarded frameworks that are highly famous among developers and users alike.

Let’s try to find out an answer to the most famous question of them all – Which is a better framework between CakePHP, Yii and Symfony.


Well, there are many features that would keep one over the other but if we try to fetch the final verdict then we need to compare all of them head-to-head and take a litmus test. There is certainly a big difference and you can see all that clearly comparing the major aspects of development and facility presented by them.

Yii framework

Yii is considered quite easy to learn and implement. With Yii developers can get more options to work with trending technologies and it has the latest factors planned to resourcefully train new blood. With majority of developers increasingly using Yii, it is getting more organized and has been able to serve distinctive ideas building on a strong user trust. With just the right amount of features presented in lines with the web entity that it has to serve, Yii wins big votes from users.

Symfony framework

Symfony is known to serve big projects. No other framework provides you a better control over the functional factors like catalogue structure, installation, documentation and ORM. The skills needed for Symfony mainly require understanding of PHP5, OOP, ORM, console and these take time to develop. So in a way this is good for large projects but affects the availability. If there is any project that requires good number of people to work in a tandem, it can have difficulties in acquiring proper talent across that period.

Again looking at the development options, the range offered by Symfony is vast as it actively uses line of command, YAML. Other than this proper view system, code generators and dependency injections for all make it a perfect choice for organized and large scale development.

CakePHP framework

Finally, the framework every third open source developer has worked on at some point in their lives. CakePHP is most preferred by businesses owing to its logical dispositions and perfectly placed development features and a large pool of built-in functionality. Closely integrated elements reduce the chance of risks and allow developers to freely focus on development rather than arranging for different facilities from various sources. MIT license and Community makes it a strong and standard solution to have for ranging development needs.

Comparing the three

One just can’t pick anyone of these without referring to what needs one has in terms of utility, application, support and scalability.

So the factors of availability, cost, resource paneling along with design pattern and development principles, all play a big role in selecting the right solution for the specific requirement you have.

If you go for Yii you get to work with extreme features but to a limited few as compared to other frameworks. So in case when you need to depend on functionalities based on user statistics or want to use WYSIWYG-Editor, you will suffer a setback. But you would have no problems with all that working with either CakePHP or Symfony.

Going with Symfony allows you more features than both of them but even it lacks facilities like Function Based Index, Realtime Server Push, JavaScript Library and Realtime Server Push. Besides, Symfony development can go against your budget if you have don’t entrust your project to an organization that has the capacity to back it up with strong resources and comprehensive offerings.

For developers it is easy to work with a framework that offers multi-lingual support along with cross platform support and with CakePHP this comes quite resourcefully. Also, going for CakePHP allows you to have better options as there are a large number of renowned companies across the world are engaged in CakePHP application development. CakePHP is best when you have a budget in mind and want to go with scalable options for your project. So, if we talk in a broad sense and in a general way, CakePHP makes it to an overall better option for web development that requires scalable, risk-free and competitive pricing options.