5 Mistakes Commonly Made By CakePHP Developers

CakePHP is widely known for the ease and flexibility it offers to the developers and this makes it so popular worldwide. With CakePHP, it’s easy to do thing in less time and in better way without thinking about the functional compliance and processing issues. The MVC coding pattern and configuration policies encouraged by CakePHP allows you to implement better techniques at work to produce flawless applications in less time and cost.

Cakephp Developers

You just don’t need to worry about the performance and the technical proceedings as CakePHP offers you a platform to connect with great support mechanism and resourceful alliance of web facility that it has to offer at any level.

To keep your things working favorably, you just need to work steadily in the right plane and avoid these 5 mistakes that CakePHP developers commonly do.

1. Not following the latest web standards
Ensure that the solution you offer meets the latest web standards. If you don’t do this you can land up into quality issues and this could cost you have to pay for your mistakes later on by upgrading and building solution from some point all over again which could be quite tedious and time consuming.

2. Not going through tutorials
It is always advisable to do a proper homework before you actually start developing the application. Go through the tutorials first and acquire as much knowledge as you can before you go on and hit the CakePHP manual and start with the documentation.

3. Incorporating unnecessary features
Avoid incorporating useless features to your website. This will only increase the load time and make it cluttered and unmanageable besides making the user experience to suffer badly. Just try to make a list of features, revise it a couple of times and trim it down neatly. This will help you have thing optimized and get a lighter, smoother and smarter application by your side.

4. Unorganized content
Putting the content and organizing it are two different things. Applying a proper structure and logically putting things up in a well-defined navigation and flow keeps your website up-tuned and professionals. Ignoring a proper layout scheme and content structuring can cost you visitors.

5. Not taking care of SEO
As a good CakePHP developer, you need to focus on the quality of the website in terms of search engine friendliness. Refer to a list of SEO essentials, optimize the website with Meta tags, titles, proper URL structure, and muscle it up with relevant keywords for effective results.