A popular framework is popular because of the ease of development it offers. Well, that’s one thing. Besides, what makes it the favorite among them all is the accuracy and dependability it provides alongside.


As a developer, you always need to have the facility around that helps you get best product developed in least efforts and more so when you are planning to get a shopping cart developed. This makes it important for you to go with a framework like CakePHP that offers you with all the necessary feature elements and ready-to-use plug-ins.

CakePHP helps you get the most authentic mode of supplies in terms of extensions that can be used to enhance the capability of your ecommerce website multifold.

Let’s have a look at the best of CakePHP plug-ins that keep you equipped with latest facilities and resources all the way to help you with your ecommerce plan. Here are the top 5 CakePHP Plug-ins for shopping cart:

1. CakeCart

The extensive features included with CakeCart can be easily accessed to customize a shopping cart – to be built using CakePHP. All the major support plug-ins like Google Checkout and PayPal can be easily implemented using CakeCart, which allows you to easily have a full-fledged shopping cart with dynamic user-handling capacity. Think of as many ways to get through a heavily detailed shopping cart plan, when you have CakeCart with you!

2. CakePHP-Cart

CakePHP-Cart is a highly resourced plug-in for advanced ecommerce needs. This plug-in helps in building applications with features that offer you with advanced resources to address various shopping cart facets. Besides, with CakePHP-Cart, you get to work with interactive functions that help you customize web apps most easily. The best thing about CakePHP-Cart is it allows you the flexibility you always needed – as a planner and a coder.

3. BakeSale Shopping cart

Interestingly named interesting plug-in! It has been built on MVC framework of CakePHP. The library of jQuery and JavaScript is used in for AJAX to help it get built. Also, it has a layout of CSS with XTML markup .This assures that it serves as a complete base structure to be used to build authentic and extensive shopping cart applications ready to comply with all the leading ecommerce facilities within your shopping cart application.

4. Kaching-php

Building an online store becomes easy with reinvented processes and distinctive pre-built shopping cart system features that Kaching-php offers. If you are good at working on different shopping cart features and have experience handling different shopping cart development resources, you can best use it for the sophisticated supplies Kaching-php comes with.

5. VaM Cart

It can be handled easily even by newest of programmers who are still trying CakePHP at basic level. Besides, it is regarded as the fastest growing shopping cart plug-in based on CakePHP. Well, with that you can imagine the kind of engagements and explorations taking place within VaM Cart. A unique feature that sets it apart from other shopping cart plug-ins is the endless amount of shopping cart products and categories that it allows you to put in.