CakePHP has been a performer with its amazing ability to keep controllers dry and put developers at ease with its wide-ranging features helping them build APIs swiftly and smoothly.

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Yet again with CakePHP 3.0 plugins like CRUD View and Search, it has made code highly modular and perceptive to future changes. How these defining plugins from the latest version manage to help you get a cleaner code base and build application with a more responsive approach? How they make CakePHP 3.0 even more powerful and compelling?

Here’s all the news:

CRUD View Plugin

When you have all the features and functionalities already playing well, you need a perfect interface to complement it well. This is needed to supply visuals and interaction just the way you expect as a user. All the CRUD features packed into a consolidated architecture, ideally operating on a communication interface that works perfectly with user needs – best defines the new CRUD View Plugin for CakePHP.

Easy to be spotted on GitHub, it comes with an admin base offering you great scaffolding. You can have it loaded easily and get started without having to follow new instructions as it comes with standardized options to work on.


Within this page, you would find a regular paginated list of records with a few filtering options. It also offers you to search with the post name from the filtering form. This finds you the records that suit certain filtration parameters and fall on one side of the query threshold.

Add new post form

This is a form for adding new posts. Here you get custom fields to be filled with detailed information with the help of checkboxes, date selectors and other boxes.

View Post

This section allows you to view a single post entering some related data to fetch results to be viewed. It provides details in a table form that include fields like Name, Body, Created, Modified and Actions.

Search Plugin

Not considered as a mainstream CRUD plugin. But it is a part of CRUD-view project for filtering. This is also anticipated to be a part of the backend as a LookupAction. For now, it is still at a very initial level and has been worked upon for better options to be included within the entire functional system.

This project is an integral part of CakePHP 3.0 and is inspired by cakedc/search plugin. It comes with a more interactive and cleaner Object Oriented interface. One more thing that makes it stand out of the previous such releases is a more flexible Cake 3 style class hierarchy. With this enhancement, it allows building filtration system ever easier and faster.

What’s the future?

With the introduction of Crud v4, Crud View and Search, the version is further going to get even favorable to work on forthcoming CakePHP 3 ecosystem. With these developments, one can expect more stable and technically sound releases to come, keeping up with new features and fixes and allowing you to focus on your very own application code and not boiler plate or repetitive code task.