CMS of CakePHP

Find easy solutions with these top CakePHP Based CMS

CakePHP is counted amongst the renowned and most effective open source web application frameworks offering an extensible and comprehensive architecture to develop, maintain and deploy PHP based applications.

Design patterns such as MVC and ORM are used within the convention over configuration paradigm. CakePHP helps in reducing development costs and assists developers in writing less code sans losing flexibility. Here are the top CakePHP based Content Management Systems which will help the CakePHP users and are helpful in creating a rich experience on your framework. You can also Hire CakePHP Developer to generate best results.


CMS of CakePHP


This free, open source, Multilingual Content Management system built with using CakePHP MVC framework. Croogo is a open source project that’s released under MIT License. Croogo CMS allows user to create your own content type such as blog, node, page, etc. This enables you to categorize your content with Taxonomy as well as allows WYSIWYG Editor to easily edit your content directly from the browser.

Wildflower – A CakePHP CMS and application platform

This open source content management system (CMS) and application platform is built on CakePHP framework and jQuery JavaScript library. This standard based, open source and user friendly CMS is released under MIT License.

Oven CMS

Built on the CakePHP framework and jQuery Javascript library, this is an open source CakePHP powered content management system (CMS). This fully modularized CMS has many working plugins (modules) and is ideal for small site as well as large-scale community websites and corporate applications.

Lumad CMS

Another kind of open source content management system, this Lumad CMS enables designers to manage small websites with a quick, simple User Interface. However, it’s not a community-driven CMS like Drupal, nor it is a workflow-driven, enterprise CMS like Typo3.

CupCake CMS

It’s built using CakePHP framework and is specially designed to provide Web designers a simple and easy-to-deploy tool so they can manage content in small and medium sized websites, sans the need of programming a single line of code. It’s easy to use user interface and WYWSIWYG editor (FCKEditor) that allows creating content as well as updating by authorizing users sans the need to learn HTML. This open source CMS is a lightweight and design-oriented content management system, meant for easy deployment of sites without managing community-driven portal sites.

Simpleflan – A flexible CakePHP CMS for designer portfolios

Especially for designers, it’s helpful in managing their portfolio sites in an easy manner. It is very clean usable interface and is designed by designers and for designers. It offers unlimited number of projects, categories, clients and images, automatic resize and storage of images, Themeable, Text formatting, runs on CakePHP 1.2 so it’s compatible with php4 and php5, etc.

Capuchn – CakePHP and Dojo based CMS

Another of open source content management system, this is built using the CakePHP framework and the dojo Javascript toolkit. It is quite simple to use as WordPress for the end user (site admins) and offers the developers an easily extendable framework to create rich websites. Its features are full featured image gallery, integrated with TinyMCE editor, Simple themes, Quick development using MVC framework, Integrated email client, Email to post (with pictures) feature, Single page, full-ajax admin page, etc…