Top 7 Exclusive Features That Belong To CakePHP

CakePHP is the leading open-source web application framework based on the concepts of Ruby on Rails and comes under MIT license. Written in PHP, this amazing framework follows the MVC approach to gift immense possibilities to its users.

The engineering possibilities CakePHP induces in its development system are of great help for developers for building custom applications in a steady and fast manner. Implementing the well-known concepts, encompassing every dimension of software design patterns like Convention over Configuration, Model View Controller, Data Mapping, and Front Controller, CakePHP establishes itself as the most eminent web application facility that corresponds with present-day requirements most effectively.

CakePHP simply means less coding. Everything from responding to data, handling classes to modifying objects, and implementing themes is just a cakewalk with CakePHP.

Here are the top 7 features that make CakePHP so popular:

1. Zero configuration
No configuration is needed when you install CakePHP and this makes it so easy to get started. CakePHP is amazingly easy to deploy on your system and needs no complicated XML or YAML files to be dealt with at any stage of installation.

2. Easy to use
Comfortable enough to be accessed by developers, CakePHP not just allows the users to go about every detail using soft task-switchers and effortless transit modes but also lets them pick and implement the processed code-blocks with easy searches and a responsive data mining facility.

3. Scaffolding features
CakePHP is certainly the most followed web framework because of the high-end scaffolding features allowing the application users to easily create, retrieve, update and delete objects that are related to each other. This helps them to develop prototypes rapidly and without having to refer to any CRUD techniques from anywhere outside.

4. Easy availability
You can easily hire CakePHP developer from just anywhere as many development companies across the world have expertise in the framework owing to its business-oriented architecture and worldwide acceptance. The best part is you get to hire CakePHP development services in the equations that best suit your project development needs.

5. Extendable
CakePHP is easily extendable with Components, Helpers, Behaviors, and Plug-ins. This allows CakePHP developers to create parts of reusable codes that can keep them from writing everything from scratch every time. Also extending various plug-ins and components from rich and relevant CMS sources allows them to modularize their projects most effectively and in the least time.

6. Security
Security comes first for any web application. Of course, there are many other things that affect the overall performance of an application but without proper security measures taken, everything else becomes too immaterial. CakePHP understands this very well and comes with built-in tools to address security and authorization needs with Input validation, SQL injection prevention, XSS prevention, and other similar features.

7. Built-in validation
At first, when you look at the validation features of CakePHP it may look very basic to you. These features practically work wonders in lengthy tasks allowing you to comfortably validate and optimize your project on the go. The best part is you may extend these features with advanced scripts and get to apply more validation rules in addition to built-in features.