Things to Consider Before Hiring a CakePHP Development Company

CakePHP is considered a leading open source development framework among the top web developers from all over the world. Based on the MVC framework, CakePHP complies with business logic most effectively and comfortably supports the design, functionality, and performance elements of any given business proposition.

Web developers from all parts of the world are either shifting to this framework or are keeping it as a major skill set in their profile. The latest trends shared by a research organization speak about the popularity of the framework with a popularity score of 84 points, which leaves behind the likes of Ruby on Rails, YII, and Symphony with huge margins. The reports from other channels also support the fact that CakePHP is being preferred over any other open-source framework of a similar application and scope. All these factors make CakePHP the favorite of the web development companies too, thus increasing the number of options for CakePHP Website development. In turn, this results in excess traffic in the CakePHP service foreground and gives rise to the decision crisis affecting the ability to make decisions on choosing the right company, for using CakePHP services. We have come up with few points to help you get over this situation and choose the right CakePHP web development services:

Look at the company’s experience:

First of all, check whether the company has adequate experience in CakePHP web development or not. If you want to fetch authentic figures about this just ask them to share their live CakePHP project links and you will come to know how much of work and what quality of work has been done by the company.

Know about the clients:

Type of clients the company has dealt with speaks a lot about its credibility and competency. You should also ask for the client details to have a chat over their experience with the company. This can be of great help in knowing their performance right from the people who have been served.

Take a look at portfolio:

Project portfolio comes next. The company’s portfolio will narrate the whole story about its experience. You will be able to see the range and the resourceful openings of the CakePHP development team. You can also get a glimpse of their creativity and relate it to your project’s specific requirements.

Learn about their processes:

By knowing about the company’s work model and delivery standards you can know how prompt their services can be. Knowing about the communication techniques, they promote within the organization and otherwise, you will come to know how your project will be communicated across departments and to you. Further, learning about the methodologies and engagement models would speak a lot about the company’s system of work and give you a fair deal of idea of how the outcome would be.

Compare the cost:

Budget is the most criterion in choosing the service. Ask the shortlisted companies for the proposal and take the quotation. Compare all the options and go with the one that falls in your budget and fits in with your requirements well. Considering these points would help you get the right CakePHP Development Company for the web application you want to develop. While doing all this don’t forget to read the documents carefully before you actually get into any deal with the largest IT service provider.