What Changes CakePHP 3.0.0- RC2 Brings for Developers

The very vibrant CakePHP is known for coming out with ever better technology upgrades for the arrangements it has come up with. The latest from the den is version 3.0.0-RC2 that is being worked on to solve various issues related to development and documentation that currently form an intrinsic part of it.

Cakephp 3.0.0

The news of CakePHP 3.x series’ latest version release broke out recently promising a series of smart features and important bug fixes. According to experts in the field, CakePHP 3.0.0-RC2 is an energized way to look at web development technology. As they say, standing mature and focused, it is a mix of brilliant performance updates and functional evolution. A great remark indeed to greet the new thing!

Let’s have a look at top new features that added to the prominent facet of the new version:

Changes in configuration files

There are handy updates in the configuration files. Till now when you had to upload a configuration file you had to do it through Configure::load(). With CakePHP 3.0.0-RC2 you have to remove extensions. As a result of which Configure::read(`app.php`) will become Configure::read(`app`).

Plug-in Installation

Among one of the major updates is the changed role of CakePHP Plug-in installer. With this precise revision, you will be able to use and install plug-in with more ease and great accuracy without having to wait much. Further, it clearly separates the in-app and external plug-ins, which makes it easy for user to deal with them. Before this, they were available with the same directory and this lead to a big confusion to work with them.

ORM callback consistency

Expect the new version to be more consistent with ORM (Object-relational Mapping) callbacks. This has been done by adding a system where ORM callbacks will receive an ArrayObject and removing the $options parameter which affected inconsistency.

Renamed string class to text

Well, this shows how various aspects of naming and documentation have been served with details. With the new version the string class will no more be called string but ‘text’! So, now you have Cake\Utility\Text instead of Cake\Utility\String. Well, on a different note, this looks much of a part of preparation for PHP7 and HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine). Sounds cool!

Deprecation of EventManager::detach() and EventManager::attach() methods

You would see the 3.0.0-RC2 version replacing the detach() and attach() methods with on() and off(). The update brings in an interface quite similar to jQuery to facilitate the actions for the methods applied here.

These are the top changes that are most talked about and certainly are the one that drive a change in how things are being operated in CakePHP – indicating how simple and effortless it is to build complex web applications with 3.0.0-RC2. All worth it!