Why & When We Need PHP Frameworks?

When we develop a project on PHP, we need a few specific tasks to be done more frequently over others. We also like to work on certain features more than other while leaving most of them completely untouched. But, all this differs from project to project and the kind of scope it has. We look for details and frameworks are the way of building an app with more synchronized and compressed details for reference codes and tools that it provides with extensive library and prominent support.

php frameworks

This is the reason why frameworks have grown in numbers and in their role in web development industry over the years. With the popular PHP frameworks like Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony, Zend and CodeIgniter, there are more and more facilities coming up to help us get a bigger and better choice of technology and build applications in a simplified and fast manner.

On a side note, with so many off-the-shelf ecommerce platforms already available, why would you really need a PHP framework to get your application built? Well, here is why and when you need it putting it across at both development and business front.

Project Volume

These frameworks are based on the extensive web programming facility offered by PHP to create a prominent base for building everything from powerful community projects to simple one liner task-handling applications. However, a framework’s major utility is derived when a complex big size project with bespoke functionalities is required to be built. So, working on a structured and sorted environment that a web framework offers, gets you more options to work on a solution of any size with easy and smooth accessibility over an off the shelf platform that is necessarily huge, confusing and difficult to manage.

Difficult Deadlines

The time we get for developing a project is getting tighter and skinnier day-by-day. Today’ businesses rush over submissions and want to get their milestones delivered on time. Due to the fierce competition among businesses to get their projects live before another one steals the advantage, deadlines are getting deadlier. In such a scenario Frameworks prove to be a great option for building applications in less time and efforts with the large variety of tools they offer. Advanced frameworks like Laravel and Codeigniter help you deal with high-pressure projects allowing you to quickly deliver common and recurring tasks and help you manage tight deadlines with utter ease.

Learning as a Beginner

If you are new to development and still have not worked on many server-side languages, it is better for you to first work on frameworks.  This way you will be able to garb the basics of the language better and learn to compile tasks and apply tools on the go without having to read and refer to things much. Best for you to gain confidence working with programming resources and facilities all that early.

Most liked PHP Frameworks

  • CakePHP
  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Zend Framework
  • Yii
  • Symphony
  • Phalcon

With a framework, code management and file organization come really easy. Further, with so many tools and libraries available it becomes a great place where development possibilities thrive brilliantly. MVC architecture, security and community support together make it further more competent with its supplies and help your build project more efficiently than ever. All you need to do here is choose your framework depending on the kind of project you are working on as details and limitations vary from one framework to another and you know what you need the best in your situation.