8 Places to Learn Coding Online for Free

Over last one year, we have not just seen the versions upgrading for most of the popular web development frameworks and platforms but also a lot of cross-plantations and improvisations in the basic approaches and techniques.

Learn Coding FreeWe have also seen a paradigm shift in the patterns and the concept framing of a solution, which has fortified the development regimes in the form of extremely fast and gripping new languages like Swift and Node.js. With this keeping up with the latest coding techniques becomes necessity of the hour. Luckily, to keep it easy, there are free online sources for tutorials that would help you learn how to do coding, with excellent guide and handy resources. Here are the top 10 places to turn up to that:


If you have ever tried coding, you must have heard at least once about Codecademy. Yes, it is that admired among the community members for learning programming languages. Here you can take classes in 6 different languages – Python, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, HTML and CSS. It has been successful with its premium venture Code Year, which drew a large percentage of its million users, including the likes of Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of NYC.

Code School

Catering to both beginner and intermediate levels, Code School covers topics like Ruby, Javascript, iOS, HTML/CSS pairing the course curriculum with well-designed high quality content. With the help of user-friendly interfaces and intuitive video tutorials coming from experienced coders, you get to go about the whole learning most clinically and flawlessly.


It gives you access to database of MOOCS (massive open online courses), which makes it stand ahead of other similar learning platforms. Most importantly, the course content you get access to with Coursera is mostly taken from most-voted online topics and from accredited universities. Coursera makes for best of the free online coding schools with large variety of courses available as per your interest.

Khan Academy

Here’s something for those who want to learn coding for art or games. Khan Academy is a great way to dive into the whole idea of the subject before getting too much inside the role. The tutorials come from different areas designated to address to different course facilities and offerings related to the field of art and games.


One of the most popular online destinations to learn both front and back end programming skills with experts coaching units and guided tour. Amazing tutorial videos, interactive online classes and vast library of written code material make Bento so popular. Created by a developer at StackOverflow, it is certainly one of the best platforms to get going with a tech career with latest development technologies.


Stylishly named, this is a free Google-founded platform that includes compilation of free video sources to take coding lessons from. Here you will find interactive videos accompanied by written instructions and indicative drawings with comments to help you understand the explanations faster and better. HTML5Rocks mostly caters to the intermediate level learners.

The Code Player

Again, The Code Player is a video tutorial for online students to learn how to perform different coding tasks by themselves. What makes it different from others is the approach that allows students to see codes being written live in the tutorial videos, and hence the name! The best part, here you can adjust the speed of tutorial to match your tempo of learning and learn things at your own pace.


It is a beginner level browser-based online learning platform that offers you with enough flexibility to learn different languages doing experimentation without messing with confined structure of lessons. Most of the new developers have recommended it as one of the best places to try out new things, all for free. The best part, it also comes up with contests with prizes to acknowledge expert skills.