What Makes CakePHP So Popular Among Developers?

PHP undoubtedly stands as one of the most followed platforms for programming. With over 10 million websites already built on PHP it is one of the most popular web development tool and looks for nothing less than grabbing the best deal for you with latest web offerings. However, just like every good language has its pros and cons, PHP too has its limitations as a coding instrument. PHP has its issues with structure and is a bit complicated to serve you with swift programming juncture to get it going in a swift manner – as considered by most of the users.

Cakephp Developers

Thankfully, PHP took a note of its programming limitations and went on making it a more mature and integrated platform, branching out to various frameworks – providing users with options to build applications in a more contributive environment that is comprehensively drawn on modern utilities and advanced orientation techniques.

The idea of bringing things home has lead to evolution of PHP based frameworks, making it easy for the programming professionals to go about with different facilities most easily and effectively – and in this line of open options CakePHP makes the difference count. CakePHP has not just played role of an eventful framework with modern capabilities but has been an easy option to work with web resources building sites for advanced user needs. Here are some of the main reasons that make CakePHP so popular among developers:

Easy to learn

The ease of learning makes CakePHP most followed framework. It has all the features segregated across comprehensively done modules. The environment offered is also highly intuitive and delectable to use. The supporting resources to guide you through with development further make it easy to learn and use.

Better security

CakePHP never falls short on security. It is among the most secured frameworks to depend upon for authorization and validation needs. The hard-bound security measures and protection measures make it the most steady and reliable framework to work with.

No configuration required

There’s no need to do any configuration at all using CakePHP. Yeah, not even for Apache! That simply means that as a programmer you don’t need to pass any URL and indicate any location of the library or mark any reference point for the program to fetch details, as everything is done automatically. All you need to do is do the settings for system to play that all for you.

MVC driven framework

Model View Controller makes it wonderfully respond to the need to deal with programming logics and presentation options separately. This makes the framework handle large and complex applications with great reflexes.

Ready-to-use templates

When working on vast applications you miss on the generic flow of building through phases. CakePHP templates help you effectively go with the momentum and save you a lot of time and efforts by allowing you to use readymade templates and not having to write code from scratch for each event and segment of the application.

Custom testing

With CakePHP, not only you get to develop your application in an easy and fast manner but also get it delivered correct with custom testing. With extensive testing resources and choices available with CakePHP, you get to appraise the quality of your application addressing the parts setting different priorities to them.

Management features

The well-deployed management tools make this framework a great method to work on different application building needs without any hassle. Even if you have a little knowledge of development with CakePHP, or even otherwise, you will find it handy across the line – tweaking and tuning in with it quite well with the help of amazing management features.