The Ultimate Guide to CakePHP Libraries for Image Resize, Thumbnail, Cropping and Manipulation

CakePHP is a widely used framework followed invariably by developers from different skill backgrounds and approaches towards web development. We have seen CakePHP helping us with a lot of new and versatile facilities in form of leveraging features and expert support.


Over the years, we have seen the framework coming up with great resources for anything that has to do with user orientation accessing different aspects of web development within the framework. Here’s something really helpful in making it easy to deal with images working with CakePHP. These useful tools and libraries would extensively help you crop, manipulate and resize images while working on Cake. Have a look:

Cakephp Image Tool Component

CakePHP ImageTool Component

It is basically a PHP class to help your perform different image based tasks. With Image Tool, you can see every function accepting GD resource as input and output. Among many functions available, the most noted ones are AutoRotate, AverageColor, Flip, Grayscale, Pixelate, Resize, UnsharpMask and Watermark.

QImage Component

Quick Image Component

Quick Image Component commonly known as QImage component helps you with image manipulation and upload. Tested on CakePHP 2.0, it allows you to copy uploaded images, resize them and put watermark on them. Further, you can crop them as per your need, fetch errors on images and verify MIME type of the image.

CakeImageCropResize Plugin for CakePHP

CakeImageCropResize Plugin for Cakephp

This one’s a small light-weight, image cropping and resizing plugin that allows you to easily alter images and comes with inbuilt Helper and Component. Here you will be able to do it all without having to juggle up with heavy processes and waiting in long conversion queues.

Image Soup CakePHP Component

ImageSoup Component

Again, this is an amazing component that works dynamically with your ranging image manipulation needs. Image Soup allows you to upload, check, generate thumbnail, resize images while allowing you to do other important tasks using GD library.

Image Thumbnail Helpers for CakePHP

Thumbnails Plugin

This one is a great alternative to PHPThumb allowing you to generate thumbnail images dynamically. With an interactive interface and highly sorted environment offered by this CakePHP Helper, you get to work more independently and smoothly with your tasks.

MySQL Image Storage

Mysql Image Storage

Another useful option with unbeatable features for Image Storage! This plugin allows you to insert images into MySQL Database with the exclusive function it has to work dedicatedly with MySQL storage. It will live up to your expectations with the amazing latest resources it has to serve.

TinyMCE Image Upload for CakePHP

Tinymce Image Upload Cakephp

Elfinder file manager (2.0-rc1) and tinymce (4.0.10) got integrated in TinyMCE to serve you with all the ease to upload heavy images and large files for CakePHP 2.x. This can effectively act as a free replacement for Tinymce MoxieManager making you get all the major facilities for image uploads at no cost.

CakePHP Image Uploader

cakephp2.0 image upload

Here is what we call a rescuer for image uploads. The component works with 2.0 and higher versions of CakePHP and allows you easily upload images to the server. Here, you get a quick escape to get a thumbnail version of your image through an easy one-click option while you are looking to upload an image.