PHP as we all know, comes with new frameworks every once in a while. We think of something valuable in the form of CMS, in the form of web application, we get it in abundance within the community that PHP keeps and fosters. Also, when you think it is running out of better options to work on latest requirements you have, PHP gets a breakthrough in a form of amazing version releases and advanced arrangements in the form of significant frameworks. One such great option is Croogo.

Croogo - Cakephp CMS

Croogo is a free open source CMS for PHP. First released in the year 2009, it comes under the MIT License which puts it at a level of other recognized platforms right away. With the right amount of features and facilities promoted by Croogo for all your content management needs, you get a nice share of options to work on powered by growing community of passionate developers. And this is what it does with the help of an engaging MVC architecture.

If we talk about the features, Croogo as an extensive content management system (which is based on CakePHP) includes everything that a modern business needs.

Among the very basic and resourceful features it offers is content type creation. You can simply add your content type here by adding a blog, node or a page. You can categorize your content in a specific section that helps to manage it easily. Croogo comes with WYSIWYG Editor which also allows you to attach images and upload files most interactively.

Well, that’s when you post something. Now when you are dealing with comments you want it to be as comprehensive as it can get and Croogo understands your need. You get to moderate, situate and manage threaded comments. Put on the notifications to get it over your email. Filter them and keep spamming out of the sight. And all this can be done with the help of amazing APIs that blend superbly with the platform to make it perform smoothly.

Web based administration comes with advanced facilities and resources with Croogo. Interaction being a forte, Croogo allows you to manage menus with utter ease. It offers you with multi-tier menu management options that can be used to work with the changing needs you have from time to time. Further, you can add RSS feeds for individual content types that make syndication a breeze of a task. When it comes to managing the contact forms, you get options for email notifications, message archiving, spam protection and Captcha filtering for getting a trouble-free experience with the user queries. Further, search engine friendly theme of Croogo allows you to have a complete control over meta-tags.

Among other important aspects, it is highly easy to install irrespective of your level of expertise in using such tools. Talking of plug-ins and themes, it works flexibly and offers you with extensible options to work with. The out-of-the-box content creation features and support for anti-spam services further makes it a great CMS tool for PHP, allowing you to work on diversified content needs you encounter on daily basis.